Trinity Christian Academy
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Student Handbook

2015 - 2016 Student Handbook




Non-Discrimination Policy


Trinity Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, national, or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally made available to students.  It does not discriminate based on race, color, national, or ethnic origin in administration of educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletics, and other school administered programs.


Personal File


Adhering to state statutes and school requirements, students may not attend school if their Student File is incomplete.  A Student File is complete when it contains the following:


    Copy of Birth Certificate or other proof of age


                Health records

                Emergency Information Card

                Transcript record of courses/Report Card

                Acceptance of Student Handbook

                Signed Authorization to Release Reference Information





If a student is to be withdrawn, a parent must be present in the office to sign a Student Withdrawal Form.  All original copies of documents and forms from the Student File will be returned to the parent within one day.  The school will make copies that shall remain in the student's permanent record.  Student records are withheld if a student’s account is not current.  High School Transcripts are forwarded to other schools via mail, upon receiving proper requests.  If a student is withdrawn on or after March 15, 2016, the balance of the yearly tuition amount is due and payable in cash.  School records will be available one day after request.  High School Transcripts will only be mailed, faxed, or emailed to another school; transcripts will not be given to students or parents.  Student records include all documents in a Student File.





Registration of a student represents the parent's acceptance of this Policy Handbook, and that the school will have final authority over school matters.  The school may use the name and picture of any student, friend or family member of a student for distribution via public media such as newspapers, television, internet, etc.  The school reserves the right to modify any and all terms of this handbook at any time.










Register On-line


You may now register a student on-line.



Registration of Returning Students


All students wishing to return must meet registration guidelines for returning students.  Their application will be reviewed by the Registration committee for such things as Academic needs and achievements, Spirituality, Financial responsibility, Moral attitude, Parental assistance.  Students that do not pyre-register may loose their guaranteed seating privilege.



Registration of New Students


Students may transfer to Trinity Christian Academy from any licensed school.  Their application will be reviewed by the Registration committee for such things as Academic needs and achievements, Spirituality, Financial responsibility, Moral attitude, Parental assistance.  The school reserves the right to acquire records such as most recent Report Card, Health Records, and Standardized Tests.  Transcripts must be received for registration of high school students to be considered complete, and will be evaluated for conformity to school and state requirements.  Pursuant to school statute 232.0205, each student at the time of initial registration shall note previous school expulsion, arrests resulting in a charge, and juvenile justice actions the student has had.  Failure to supply such information is grounds for expulsion.  Students that have been home schooled will be required to take exams to establish level of competency.





The testing of all new students will be at the discretion of the Director.  The test results will dictate what grade the student is offered.





The school reserves the right to interview all new and returning students.  An interview may be considered a requirement for registration, and is required for students entering seventh grade or above.



Information Release


Parents must sign an Authorization to Release Reference Information form.  This form may be used to secure information about a student from a prior learning facility.











Tuition Payments


All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Receipt of these fees confirms your decision to enroll your child and insures a place in the school roster.  Since our program and licensing requirements require us to engage staff based on the number of students enrolled for the year, refunds or discounts are not given for holidays, teacher planning days, or absenteeism for any reason.


Tuition is based on a fixed amount for the whole school year.  A parent does not pay a monthly payment or a weekly payment for services that the school provides that month or week.  This is an agreement to pay tuition for the duration of the school year.  We offer two plans as a matter of courtesy.  Plan “A” requires 10 equal monthly payments.  Plan “B” requires 37 equal weekly payments.  The amount of each payment plan will be determined at time of registration.  You may receive a discount for multiple students.



Monthly Payment Plan


If you choose to pay your Yearly Tuition Fee on Monthly Plan “A”, your payments are due in full by the first of each month starting with August 1, 2015.  You shall make eleven (10) continuous equal monthly payments.  There is a surcharge of $25.00 assessed if a tuition payment is received after the fifth of the month.



Weekly Payment Plan


If you choose to pay your Yearly Tuition Fee on Weekly Plan “B”, your payments are due in full by the Monday of each week starting on August 1, 2015.  You shall make thirty-seven (37) continuous equal weekly payments.  No payments are due the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter Recess.  There is a surcharge of $10.00 assessed if a payment is received after the Wednesday of the week.

Active Status


Students may loose their active status if payments have not been made by the 15th of the month if on a monthly payment plan or two weeks if on a weekly payment plan.  Failure to maintain an active status may result in the holding of documentation, and losing the privilege of attending school.



Returned Checks


A $25.00 fee will be assessed for a returned check.  All payments must be paid in cash, after the third returned check.



Athletic Fee


Students wishing to participate in athletics must pay an Athletic Fee which is used to cover the expenses of the teams such as referees, equipment, and gymnasium expenses.  The amount of the fee will be announced at the start of the school year.





Lunch Program is catered.  The cost is $3.00 per day based on number of school days in the month, payable monthly. 



After-School Fee


Students remaining after school will be charged a fee.  Students wishing to remain after school will be charged a fee as follows: monthly basis $100.00, weekly basis $30.00, and daily basis $8.00.  High School students may not remain after school unless they are participating in an approved school activity, and are not eligible for after school services.













We use these curriculums: A Beka Christian Curriculum, Bob Jones University press, Accelerated Christian Education, Virtual School, and Alpha Omega Publishing.  Our curriculum is blended in an effort to offer the best of each to our students.  Each publisher focuses on standard academic courses from a Christian prospective.  A Beka Christian Curriculum is used predominantly in the elementary grades.  Bob Jones University press is used predominantly in the middle and high school grades.  Accelerated Christian Education, Virtual School, and Alpha Omega Publishing are used primarily in high school courses.


Scope & Sequence


Our curriculum, which is a blend of the three largest curriculum publishers for Christian schools, meets the guidelines of our accreditation association and state requirements for high school graduation.




All students in the Fifth Grade and higher must maintain all class work and homework in “composition” type books.  Spiral bound notebooks are not allowed.



Textbooks & Book-Bags


Textbooks shall become the property of the student upon full payment with the exception of hardbound textbooks.  Hardbound textbooks remain the property of the school.  Textbooks that are not returned in reusable condition shall be charged to the student's account.  Students who lose textbooks will have to order a replacement book.  Hardbound textbooks must be covered with a removable cover, to protect the book. 



School Supplies


Parents are responsible to purchase the necessary supplies that the students will need.  Supply list is available from the office.  For safety reasons the following are prohibited: mechanical pencils; scissors that do not have safety-rounded points; compasses that have more than a 1/4" metal point.





International Version of the Bible may be used for study purposes.  Students are required to have a bible to attend Chapel. 

Academic Probation


High School students are placed on Academic Probation if their Grade Point Average (GPA) falls below 2.0 in any grading period.  Tutoring is highly recommended to improve a student’s low grade.  Students may have to repeat a grade if they receive a final GPA less than 2.0.  Higher Summer School grades may be used in calculating a student’s GPA.


Students that are caught cheating will receive a zero grade for the quiz/test.  Cheating on a high school computer course will result in having to restart the course from the first lesson.  A letter sent home advising the parents of the cheating which must be signed and returned to school.


Report Cards & Progress Reports


Report Cards are distributed at the end of each grading period.  Progress Reports are distributed every three weeks during each grading period.  Report Cards and Progress Reports are given to students at the beginning of the week and must be signed by parents and returned to school by the end of the same week.  Students will not be allowed to attend school activities, PE, or play after school if the forms are not returned.  Students in Seventh Grade and above will be given a Detention if the reports are not returned by end of week.





Alphabetic grades are used in pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, and in all grades for conduct, participation, and certain electives.  The following alphabetic grades are used:


                                             Grade                                       Definition


A                                            Excellent

B                                            Good

C                                            Satisfactory

N                                            Needs Improvement



Numeric grades are used for all other grades.  Only required academic subjects are calculated in the GPA.

                                                Elementary/Middle & Academic/Honor High School Diplomas

        % Grade               Grade Point Average             % Grade                 Grade Point Average


         97-100                               4.0                                      80-82                                  2.7

         93-96                                 3.7                                      77-79                                  2.5

         90-92                                 3.5                                      73-76                                  2.2

         87-89                                 3.2                                      70-72                                  2.0
         83-86                                 3.0                                      65-69                                  1.7


                                                                    Standard High School Diploma

        % Grade                Grade Point Average            % Grade                Grade Point Average

         96-100                               4.0                                      75-79                                  2.7

         92-95                                 3.7                                      70-74                                  2.5

         88-91                                 3.5                                      65-69                                  2.2

         84-87                                 3.2                                      60-64                                  2.0
         80-83                                 3.0                                      55-59                                  1.7


Quarterly grades are averaged from test and quiz scores, and other assignments received during the quarter.  The final grade is an average of the four quarters.  Students who have not completed all quarters will have their quarterly grades graded proportionately.  Failure to complete special assignments or projects may result in receiving a zero grade for the project, and an incomplete grade on their report cards.





The school is strict about homework assignments.  We expect parents to do their part in assisting us to teach our students.  Students are assigned homework assignments as per the curriculum and teacher.  Homework counts for a minimum 20% of a student's grade.  Parents should review homework assignments.  We encourage you to assist your child with their homework. 



Academic Awards


TCA recognizes students that excel in their efforts by presenting them with trophies and awards at a yearly Awards Ceremony.  Students must attend a full school year in order to qualify for trophies.


Honor Roll


Students who maintain a high GPA are placed on an Honor Roll.  Honor Rolls are updated quarterly.  A failing grade in any subject will result in losing their Honor Roll status.  Students who maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 will be placed on the “A” Honor Roll.  Students are placed on the “B” Honor Roll if they maintain at least a 2.7 GPA.





The school is a member of the Florida Christian Activities Association (FCAA) and Independent School League (ISL), and will participate in: girls volleyball, and boys and girls basketball, boys flag football.  Students wishing to participate in extracurricular activities must maintain TCA academic average of 2.00 GPA .



Extra Curricular Activities


All students in grades six thru twelve are encouraged to participate in an extra curricular activity.  They may choose from varsity sports, cheerleading, choir, or drama. 



Failing Courses


Students that fail a high school required course must retake it during the summer session if it is offered.  If not, the course may be retaken the following year.  If the course is not offered the following year, a substitute course may be taken, or the failed course may be taken on a self study basis such as Virtual School.  The director must approve all course choices. 



Standard Achievement Tests


The Stanford Achievement test, version ten, published by Harcourt Brace/Pearson (SAT) monitors and measures a student’s achievement against similar students on a national level.  All students take their achievement tests every spring, and the results are provided with their final Report Cards.  Tests are required for students in Kindergarten thru Eleventh Grades.


Requirements to pass grade



Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten - Students must pass Numbers and Phonics.



First Grade thru Fourth Grade - Students must pass Mathematics and Language.



Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade - Students must pass Mathematics and Language.

            Seventh and Eighth Grade - Students must pass all courses.


Ninth Grade thru Twelfth Grade (H.S. Graduation Requirements) - Students must pass all courses required by State of Florida and Trinity Christian Academy, and maintain a minimum of 2.0 Grade Point Average.



High School Graduation Requirements


Students must complete and pass state and school required courses totaling a minimum 24 credits.  Students must attend their full senior year at TCA to receive a diploma.  The following is a list of courses that students will take following the programmed schedule in the four years at TCA. 


                 Advanced Topics - 1 credit
                 American Government - ½ credit

                 American History - 1 credit

                 Bible Studies - 4 credits

                 Music - 1 credit
Economics - ½ credit

                 Language Arts - 4 credits

                 Foreign Language - 1 credit (2 credits required for Bright Futures Scholarship)

                 Life Management - ½ credit

                 Mathematics - 3 credits (4 credits required for Bright Futures Scholarship)

                 Physical Education - 1 credit
                 Reading - ½ credit 

                 Science - 3 credits
                 World History - 1 credit
                 Electives - 2 - credits

Substitutions may be allowed at the discretion of the director.

High School Diploma


High school students may receive one of three diplomas.

A Standard Diploma is given to students participating in the Standard High School Diploma Program who achieve a 2.0 or higher GPA.

An Academic Diploma is given to students participating in the Academic High School Diploma Program who achieve a 2.7 or higher GPA.

A Honor Diploma is given to students participating in the Honor High School Diploma Program who achieve 3.5 or higher GPA.














Absences with a doctor's note will be considered excused absences.  Absences without a doctor's note will be considered unexcused absences.  Pursuant to state and county legislation high school students with more than eighteen (18) unexcused absences in a school year will not receive credit for courses during the year.  Students with excessive absences will receive an incomplete grade for all courses.  To receive credit for a course, students must attend summer school or retake the course the following school year.  Parents should always provide a note after an absence to verify that the parent knew about the absence.  Attendance will be taken in each high school level course.  All lateness and absences shall remain a part of a student's record.  Absence from school does not relieve students from the responsibility of completing their assignments.  All projects and tests must be made up upon their return.


Classes will start at their scheduled start time.  Students that are not seated in their classrooms with their textbooks open and ready to start class at the sound of the bell will be marked late.  In an effort to reduce the disturbance of the classroom once classes have started, students will be assigned a Detention for every fourth lateness in a month.  There is no excuse for habitual lateness.
 High school students that arrive late and miss more than half a class will be considered absent for the class and be subject to the absence policy.  Therefore, students that excessively arrive late to school jeopardize receiving credit for a class.



Early Dismissal


Missing school due to lateness, absence, or early dismissal, takes time away from learning.  We strongly suggest that doctor appointments be scheduled for late afternoon.  If a student must be picked up during school hours, an Early Dismissal Form must be filled out at the office.











Health Record


Students may not register or attend school unless the required medical forms are furnished.  These forms are obtained from the student's doctor.  The yellow physical exam must include a TB test.  The blue form is proof of current immunization.  Health records must be dated within two years.



Communicable Diseases


The school maintains a strict position on the dealing of communicable diseases.  Students and parents shall report any sign of health risks to the administration.  Any student who has a communicable disease may not be allowed on school grounds.  The school reserves the right to request a doctor’s authorization prior to returning to school, and modify its position on communicable diseases for the safety of its students.  At the discretion of the school, a student may be isolated until such time that they are picked-up.



Medical Care


The school may at its discretion, provide medicine such as children strength Tylenol or Pepto Bismol.  If a student requires other kinds of medication, it must be brought to the school.  Parents must sign an authorization form giving directions for the administering of the medicine.  The authorization form is available at the Parent Communication Center.  Medicine will be refrigerated if required.


If a student feels ill, the student will be asked to rest quietly for a brief period.  If the student continues to feel ill, the school will call a parent, and follow the parent’s direction.  The school and its employees will be held harmless from any reaction to any medicine given to a student.

Stay at home

A student should not be sent to school if the child has experienced fever, diarrhea, or vomiting, in the past 24 hours.  In addition, children should not attend school if they have chills, sore throat, strep throat, cold, runny nose, or bad cough. 
Students with head lice will be sent home and may not return until properly treated.



All precautions have been taken to provide a safe environment.  For minor treatments such as a scrape or minor cut, the school may clean the wound with Hydrogen Peroxide, administer an anti-infection medication, and may administer gauze.  If the administration determines the accident to be serious in nature, the school may call the local Fire/Rescue Department.  Accident reports are completed by the teacher and must be signed by a parent.





The school maintains liability and accident insurance.  Our insurance policies will be implemented after any employment, family, group, or personal insurance plans have reached their maximum limitations.  Although the school does have insurance policies, Trinity Christian Academy, its administration, teachers, and staff will be held harmless in the event of any accident or injury obtained by a student.  Injuries received due to failure to follow instructions shall not be covered by the school’s insurance policies.










Hours of Operation


The following are the hours of operation.


Grounds     7:00 AM until 6:00 PM

Office          8:30 AM until 4:00 PM




The school provides free cold milk and cereal breakfasts from 7:00 AM until 7:30 AM.  All breakfasts must be eaten in the cafeteria.





The school will provide a daily hot lunch to all students at a nominal charge of $3.00 per meal.  Students are encouraged to eat a variety of healthy foods, and to eat everything before dessert.  You may send a home-packed lunch for your child as an alternate to the lunch provided by the school.  Menus are available during the last week of the prior month for your review.  Lunches are paid by the month.  No substitution of the menu is permitted.  Canned goods, microwaveable foods, and glassware are not permitted in our cafeteria.  Classes must eat together. High school students may leave school grounds and are restricted to the Presidente Shopping Center.



Before School Care


Before School Care will be from 7:00 AM until start of classes.  There is no additional charge for this service.



After School Care


The school will care for any student that cannot be picked-up after their dismissal.  After School Care commences 15 minutes after dismissal.  All students remaining past their pickup time, including students with financial assistance, will be subject to a charge of $100.00 per month, $30.00 per week, or $8.00 per day.  After School Care is free to students that participate in athletics until their athletic activities are over.  High School students may not remain after school unless they are participating in an approved school activity.



After School Lateness


The school closes at 6:00 PM sharp!  Students left after 6:00 PM will be assessed a fee of $10.00 per incident.  Students left after 6:15 PM will be assessed a fee of $20.00 per incident.  Students left after 6:30 PM will be assessed a fee of $30.00 per incident.  Students left after 6:45 PM will be assessed a fee of $40.00.  Students left after 7:00 PM may be reported to the local authorities.



Snacks & Gum


Students remaining after school are given a free snack of juice and cookies.  Snacks are only allowed in the cafeteria or outside.  Gum may not be chewed anywhere on school grounds.



Lost & Found


We suggest that the student’s name be placed on all articles of clothing, books, and supplies.  Articles found will be returned to the student if it can be identified.  Articles that are not retrieved are donated to charitable organizations.  TCA is not responsible for lost items.


Office Hours


The office will be open daily from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM when school is in session.  Calls received prior to 8:30 AM or after 4:00 PM will be recorded.


Summer School


Summer school is available to students who fail a subject or wish to advance their studies.  The Summer School program is from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM for a four-week period.  Summer School schedule will be announced prior to the end of the school year.  Students passing a Summer School course will receive a grade of 65 for the course.  Summer School registration fee is $25.00, and the tuition is $200.00.  If the course will be taught during the summer period or available as an in-house Computer Lab course, it must be taken during summer.



Summer Camp


Summer Camp is available to all TCA students, as well as non-TCA students.  Summer camp lasts the ten weeks of summer.  Hours of operation are 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Registration Fee is $25.00.  Weekly tuition is $95.00, which includes two to three field trips per week.


Day Camp


If child-care is required for those days that school is not in session, your child may come to school on the days that Day Camp is available.  Day Camp costs $10 per student per day.  We will provide a Day Camp only if a sufficient number of parents request one.  Please make your request for Day Camp as early as possible. 



Communication with Parents


Parents may access student records 24/7.  Parents may ask for teacher conferences by calling the school's office.





General school year calendar is available on the student portal.  The calendars illustrate forthcoming events.  The school is closed on holidays, recesses, and teacher planning days.



Parental Concerns


We maintain an “open door” policy, which allows parents to speak directly with the student’s teacher.  Please call the office to request that a teacher call you.  If a concern cannot be resolved with the teacher, please contact Mrs. Jimenez.  If a concern cannot be resolved with Mrs. Jimenez, the director shall be consulted.  If necessary, the school shall schedule a parent teacher meeting.  We promote that parents take an active role in the education of their children, and offer to make ourselves available to the parents.  Concerns are to be addressed to Mrs. Jimenez.



Visitors and Phone Calls

Students are not allowed to have visitors or receive telephone calls.  The office will notify a student if a telephone call is considered an emergency.  Parents should limit their calls to those that are important in nature.  Friends of students may not visit the school or parking lot.


Leaving School Grounds


High School students may leave school grounds during their lunch period if they have permission from their parents.  Those students traveling on foot, may only go to the, "Presidente Shopping Center."  Students in these grades may sign-out younger brothers and sisters, if they will immediately leave the school.  Once students have left the school, they may not return.  The right to leave the school grounds may be revoked upon an incident occurring.











Dropping off and Picking up students


This is an issue of much importance to the welfare of your children.  We are very conscious of the safety of our students.  We need your assistance to promote safety in the school.  Students being dropped off prior to 8:15 a.m. must be dropped off at the 15 Ave. entrance.  After 8:15 a.m. students must enter through the main entrance.  When picking up a student after school has ended, they may be picked up at the 15 Ave. entrance.  Parents will not be allowed to enter the building at the 15 Ave. entrance at any time.  Parents must enter the building at the main entrance.  If an emergency arises and someone else needs to come to pick up your child, please call the office, and give us the name of the person that you have sent.  We strongly suggest that at registration, you give the names of at least two persons who are authorized to pick-up your child up thru third grade.


Please be advised that under no circumstance, will we release a student to someone whom:


                1.  Does not have a picture identification,

                2.  Is not listed on the student's card as being an approved person for pick-up,

                3.  Authorization has not been given to the office for that day.



We will accept the person registering a student as having the right to do so.  If one parent is not allowed to remove the student from the school, a copy of the legal documentation stating this fact must be on file in the office.


Students in PK thru Eighth Grade may not leave the school grounds unless being picked up by an adult.



Parking Lot


Please drive slowly in our parking lot, and be aware that there may be other parents arriving or leaving.  Please do not park in front of the gates or openings.



Search and Seizure


In an effort to maintain a safe environment, the school reserves the right to inspect lockers, cars, book-bags, and students, by appropriate persons, without prior notice.  Students need not be present during inspections of lockers.



Restroom Breaks


Students may go to restrooms with permission.  Classrooms with bathroom passes will have one per gender.  Students in the lower grades will have programmed restroom breaks.  Students may not walk the halls without permission.  Students in PK thru fourth grade will use a designated set of restrooms, the rest of the school will use the set of restrooms by the cafeteria.





Students in Fifth Grade and above will be assigned a locker.  Students may not change assigned lockers without permission.  Students may lose the privilege of locker use, if their locker is not maintained in a neat manner and may not place a lock on the locker.



Playground Safety & Toys


Students must wear rubber-soled sneakers or shoes to avoid slipping during their play times.  Toys of any kind are not allowed in school.  Personal property that is not required by the school shall not be brought to school.  Personal property and toys may be confiscated by the administration.  TCA is not responsible for the loss of personal property or toys.





The school has installed 32 video cameras, inside and outside.  Certain areas of the school are recorded.  In an effort to maintain security, all parents are requested to check in with the administration office upon arrival.


Field Trips


Field trips are scheduled during the school year.  Name-tags are not worn during field trips.  Students must wear their school shirts during school trips for identification purposes.  Suitable chaperones accompany students on all field trips.  Registration of a student grants permission of the student to attend all school activities and field trips.  Parents must pay the field trip fee prior to a field trip.  Field trips are planned for the whole class.  Students that do not participate in a field trip may stay at home and will be marked absent for the day.  Students that come to school when their class is on a field trip will be charged a Day Camp Fee of $15.00.



Sporting Field Trips


Athletes will be bused to all "Away" games.  Athletes are responsible for transportation to and from practice locations, if the practice is not on school grounds.  TCA is not responsible for students not on school grounds.  The school will provide location and time information for all sporting events.  The coach may establish additional rules governing sporting field trips.



Classroom Visits After School


Students shall take all their belongings and necessary books when they leave the classroom at the end of the school day.  Students are not allowed to return to the classrooms after school has ended.



Six Inch Rule


There shall be no contact of any kind between male and female students. 



Separation of Grades


In an attempt to maintain discipline, students shall remain with students of similar ages.  The scheduling of lunch and PE will maintain grade separation.  Students will be divided into the following groups to play after school.  Students will be allowed to inter-mix grades after school when the activities are supervised.


               Pre-K thru Forth Grade will play in the Infant Play Area

               Fifth Grade thru Eighth Grade will play in the 15th Ave. basketball area.
               High School students are restricted to the rear bench area.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

High school students may bring cell phones and recording devices, such as iPods, to school.  The items must be turned-in to the school upon arrival and may not be retrieved until leaving school grounds.  Failure to turn-in a device will result in confiscation of the item until the end of the school year.  







Discipline Policy


Our students are taught to understand the importance of proper behavior.  They are expected to maintain a high standard of behavior while on and off school grounds.  Our curriculum provides a busy schedule for our students.  We believe that constructive activities keep children entertained and act as a deterrent to disciplinary problems.


Should a disciplinary measure be needed, the student may be given a “Warning” or a "Time Out" period.  Should a problem continue they might be given an assignment which many not be done during regular class. 


Should a problem persist, the student may be removed from the classroom, and brought to the school office or another part of the school, and may be given additional penalty.  If the student does not conform to school policies, a meeting with the parents may be requested to discuss corrective measures.  These corrective measures may include suspension or expulsion.  A student that has received a fourth suspension may be asked to leave the school.  The school does not tolerate students that typically demonstrate a willingness to defy school regulations or students who demonstrate a lack of remorse. Students that demonstrate a lack of responsibility, promote disobedience, or demonstrate anti-Christian ethics may be asked to leave the school.  The school reserves the right to expel a student for being a bad influence.


We will make every attempt to maintain discipline in the school for the benefit of all students.  We will not allow a student to disrupt the right of other students to receive a good education.  Students shall understand that discipline is part of learning, and that they may not disrupt the opportunity of others to learn.


Any member of the faculty or staff may correct any inappropriate action by any student, and assign a disciplinary action.


Students are expected to conduct themselves in a moral and Christian like manner, and are required to adhere to our high standards and refrain from the following:


            Insubordination, lack of respect, or insolence

            Any action involving pornography or homosexuality

Stealing of other student’s or school property

Demonstrate anti-Christian ethics

Promote disobedience

Leaving classroom or grounds without permission

Inappropriate behavior or language

Inappropriate displays of affection

Threatening or intimidation of others

Possession or transfer of tobacco items

Physical abuse of others

Possession of transfer of fireworks

Verbal abuse of others

Food fights





Students that violate a school policy will be given a Detention assignment.  Assignments that are not turned in on time will result in suspension until the assignment is completed.



Disciplinary Probation


At the discretion of the administration, students may  be placed on Disciplinary Probation.  A major violation of school policies may result in suspension or expulsion from the school.



Maintenance by Students


Classrooms, restrooms, cafeteria and common school grounds shall be maintained in an orderly manner during and after classes.  Classrooms shall be left clean.  Students are responsible for the maintenance of their environment.  This includes their lockers, desks and restrooms.  Lockers that are not maintained may result in the loss of the use of the locker.



Classroom Behavior


Students shall not do any actions that will disrupt the class including speak out of turn, eat, drink, or chew food, candy, or gum.  Students shall remain seated at all times.  Students are expected to prepare for their school day before the start of classes.  Teachers may institute individual regulations.  Students are considered late if they are not in their seat and ready for class when the bell rings.



Students in the hallways


Students shall refrain from speaking or playing while in the hallway.  Students shall not run in the halls.  Students must follow their teacher's instruction at all times regardless of their location.  In an effort to reduce disruptions, students shall keep their noise level to a minimum while on school grounds.  In grades up through Second, students shall line up in a line when walking in the hallways.  No food or drinks may be taken out of the cafeteria.


Drugs & Weapons


We realize that drugs and weapons are readily available in the community.  The State of Florida has imposed stiff laws pertaining to the purchase, possession, or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs to minors.  We believe that the best way to avoid becoming involved in these habits is to never start.  Therefore, we promote total abstinence as a way to avoid these issues.  The school maintains a zero tolerance policy on certain issues.  A student found to possess or transmit an unlawful drug, or possess or transmit a weapon, would be immediately expelled from school, and arrested by the Hialeah Police Department.


Tobacco & Alcoholic Beverages


Students found with a tobacco product or an alcoholic beverage will be placed on disciplinary probation.  Continued violation may lead to expulsion.


Music and Dancing


Music is a form of art.  We teach our students to learn how to determine which music is consistent to what we teach.  In addition to acceptable lyrics, the author’s lifestyle is also influential.  The school reserves the right to define what music is acceptable to be played on school grounds.  Music denouncing God, promoting pagan thoughts or lyrics of mature or sensual content is not allowed.  As with music, dancing is also a form of art.  The school maintains the same criteria with dancing as it does with music.  Playing of music, and dancing are allowed with the permission of a teacher.



Musical Instruments


Only students belonging to the school band or assisting the band will be allowed to bring instruments to school.



Damages & Student Parking


Students are responsible for the repair or replacement of damage to school property.  Students that meet state requirements shall be allowed to drive to school and shall park in designated spaces.  Students playing the radio loudly will lose their parking privileges.





Solicitation, advertisement, or sale of any products or services by any student, employee, or parent is prohibited without the permission of the administration.



Parental Misconduct


Parents are expected to set an example of proper conduct.  The school reserves the right to restrict parents from being on school grounds, and may expel a student if parents do not conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.  Inappropriate behavior includes issues such as: causing a scene on school grounds, consistent complaints of the school, disruption of school activities, threats upon a school employee or student.  Parents will forward any concerns to the administration.  A parent may not have a discussion with a student other than their own without permission of the administration.  Parents are expected to support the school on all issues relating to the education of their children.  The school may expel a student at any time should a parent not agree with the policies administered or actions taken by the school.  Parents are asked to support the school.  They should not complain about the school due to a personal or selfish reason such as having to arrive late to school to pick up a child that is serving a detention.



Parental Responsibility


Wherever the word parent appears in this handbook it shall refer to all parents and guardians.  Parents may be held responsible for the actions of their children, therefore, the school shall advise a parent of any significant violation of the school handbook.



Character Structuring


The Bible has numerous examples of the importance of good character.  In our teachings, we demonstrate the importance of character in one’s life.  Our students learn to follow God’s ways.  One of which includes being a person of good moral character.  We are committed to training our students in learning all facets of education.  We want to develop our students to be prepared to properly handle their lives.  We welcome your assistance in the character development of our students.


The teaching of character is one of much importance.  What we are can be more important as what we know, or what we are able to do.  We recognize that what we become when we are mature is a product of what we learned when we were young.


TCA strives to make our students good Christian citizens.  This undertaking may be harder than teaching a student academic subjects.  It requires a combined effort of teachers, administration, friends, and most important, the parents.  The school alone can teach a student to excel in academic subjects.  The school alone cannot teach a student to excel as a good citizen.  A student’s social and moral education begins at home.  Parents must join the effort made by the school to reinforce what students learn in school.  We therefore expect that parents will teach their children proper behavior by showing them how to behave.  Parents will not act in a defiant manner in the presence of the students.  Parents that allow a double standard will confuse the students.  Students demonstrating continued negative behavior may be asked to leave the school.



Notice of change


The administration reserves the right to alter and change any and all items detailed in this Student Handbook at any time without prior notice to student or parents.













Proper grooming is an important part of a student's education.  Students must wear approved uniforms that are neat and clean.  The school uniform must be worn during class.  Students may not wear jeans without permission.  A student found to have improper dress, including having shirts not tucked during school hours, whether or not in the building, may be given a punishment, or have their privileges revoked.  Sunglasses may not be worn on school grounds.  Receiving a tattoo while an active student may result in expulsion.  New students may be refused admission if they have a tattoo.  Receiving a temporary tattoo such as Henna or Flash, etc. may result in suspension until tattoo has disappeared.

Students may not wear the following: biker shorts, spandex or latex clothing, tights, sleeveless shirts, clothing with writing except team sports and biblical wording, tank tops, see through clothing, tight clothing, back-less shoes, hooded garments, or cargo pants/shorts.  Habitual improper dress may lead to disciplinary actions.  Continued improper appearance may be grounds for expulsion.


All uniform items except the official school shirts must be purchased at All Uniform Wear, 2605 West 8th Ave., Hialeah.  School shirts, for all grades, must be purchased from the school.  Students that do not have their school shirt/pants/skirt etc., may be sent home.




The following are examples of dress that must be worn by our students.  The list is not all-inclusive.  The school reserves the right to modify the dress codes at any time.  Modesty is essential for all school dress codes.  Sneakers or black shoes may be worn.  All clothing should be loose fitting.  If an undergarment is noticeable, the garment is too tight.



Male Students


Facial hair is not permitted.  Hairstyles must be conservative.  Hair colors shall be natural in color, and must be maintained trimmed.  White socks and school uniform must be worn at all times.  All shirts are to be fully tucked-in, and belts must be worn at the waistline.


School Dress Code


     PK - 6th Grade              Burgundy Polo shirt, Navy Blue pants, skirt, or shorts.


     7th - 11th Grades          Navy Blue Polo shirt, Navy Blue pants or shorts.

     12th Grade                      White Polo shirt, Navy Blue or Black pants or shorts. 



Female Students


A clean feminine appearance must be maintained.  Hairstyles must be conservative, and natural in color.  Hairstyles should be modest in nature.  White socks and school uniform must be worn at all times.  All shirts are to be fully tucked-in.




School Dress Code


     PK - 6th Grade               Burgundy Polo shirt, Navy Blue pants, skirt, or skirt.


     7th - 12th Grades           Navy Blue Polo shirt, Navy Blue pants or skirts.

     12th Grade                      White Polo shirt, Navy Blue or Black pants or shorts.

Upper Clothing

Burgundy or blue school shirts must be worn at all times and must be tucked-in, with the following exceptions.
              1.          Jean Day – School shirts must be worn, but do not have to be tucked-in, Jean Day Fee of $1.
                2.         Senior shirts – may be worn any day with the school shirt underneath.
                3.         Athletic "T" shirts may be worn on a game day or Dress Down Day.
.         Varsity Basketball Shooting Shirt – may be worn any day with the school shirt underneath.
.               Jackets – only TCA jackets may be worn in school.
                6.         Students arriving in other jackets must place their jackets in their lockers.
                7.         Sweaters – only TCA sweaters may be worn in school.
                8.         Students arriving in other sweaters must place their sweaters in their lockers.
                9.         Hooded garments may not be worn at any time.

Inclement Weather

During inclement weather, students may wear appropriate outerwear while traveling to school.  Once in school, outerwear may not be worn.  Clothing that advertises another school may not be worn at any time.





Jewelry shall be limited to reasonable chains, watches, and rings as determined by their teacher.  Chains may not be any wider than ¼” wide and must be worn in a manner that they are not seen.  Charms may be of religious or personal in nature, and should be reasonable in size.  Body piercing is prohibited.  Male students may not wear earrings.  Female students may wear one earring per ear from the lower earlobe.  Excessive amount of jewelry is not allowed.  Students may not wear clothing, haircut design, buttons, or other items that may be considered offensive, suggestive, indecent, associated with or encourage the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, violence, or association with a gang.


Makeup, Nails, Perfumes


Female students in Seventh Grade and above may wear makeup and perfumes at their teacher’s discretion. Makeup shall be conservative in colors, quantity, and design.  Female students may bring makeup items to school, but may only use them in the restrooms.  At no time shall any form of brushing or makeup be done outside of a restroom.  Failure to adhere to school policies may result in forfeiture of rights to wear makeup. Nails shall be maintained at a reasonable length depending on the grade.  Female students in Fifth Grade and above may paint their nails a light pastel color.  Their teacher will determine appropriate color and length of nails.